Junior Class

margaret ann gibbs

Margaret Ann Gibbs

Maggie is from Huntington, WV. She is a Biology (pre-med) major with minors in Spanish, English, and Creative Writing.

nico raffinengo

Nico Raffinengo

Nico is from Boynton Beach, Florida. He is double-majoring in Political Science and International Business, with a minor in Constitutional Democracy.

Rafael Alfonso

Rafael is from Virginia Beach, VA. He is majoring in Computer science and Creative Writing. Rafael likes to call himself “The Legacy” because he is the only child of a previous Yeager Scholar in the program (Dr. Belina Alfonso, Francis Class of 1992). He plans to drop the “The” after another one joins, but he is happy to hold onto it until then.

evan green

Evan Green

Evan is from Portsmouth, Ohio. He is majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Psychology with minors in Spanish, English, and Creative Writing. He is also the Executive Editor for The Parthenon.

sierra lutz

Sierra Lutz

Sierra Lutz is from Farmington, Utah. She is a Biochemistry major with a Theatre minor. She is also a member of the Kolling Lab.

Luke Jeffrey
Luke is from Logan, WV. He is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Spanish, English, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.
Olivia Andrew-Vaughan
Olivia is from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is majoring in International Affairs, Political Science, History, and Spanish. She has minors in English and Constitutional Democracy.
garrett shields
Garrett Shields
Garrett is from Milton, WV. He is majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry, Pre-Professional Health Studies, and Spanish.