Office of Assessment & Quality Initiatives


The Office of Assessment & Quality Initiatives operates within the Division of Academic Affairs. The mission of the Office of Assessment & Quality Initiatives at Marshall University is to support best practices in assessment of student learning at the course, program, and institutional levels, resulting in continuous improvement in teaching and learning. To this end, the Office will endeavor to:

  1. Promote a culture of assessment throughout the campus
  2. Conduct a multifaceted assessment program
  3. Promote faculty participation in assessment at all levels
  4. Define and assess value-added learning
  5. Use both local and national measures
  6. Use assessment results for continuous improvement and accountability

To achieve this mission, we are primarily focused on the following issues:

Assessment of Student Learning

Marshall University has an ongoing assessment program that is firmly rooted in the University’s mission. The assessment initiative grew from both faculty and administration concern for institutional quality and accountability. The assessment process provides the institution, colleges, and programs with information regarding institutional effectiveness.

All segments of the University community—faculty, staff, administration and students—are actively involved in this process. Of central importance in the process is the assessment of student learning in the curriculum and co-curriculum, directed by the University Assessment Committee, which is chaired by the Associate Vice President for Assessment and Quality Initiatives.

Program Review

According to the WV Higher Education Policy Commission Series 10 Policy Regarding Program Review:

“Each institutional governing board has the responsibility to review at least every five years all programs offered at the institution(s) of higher education under its jurisdiction and in the review to address the viability, adequacy, necessity, and consistency with mission of the programs to the institutional master plan, the institutional compact, and the education and workforce needs of the responsibility district. Additionally, each governing board as part of the review is to require the institution(s) under its jurisdiction to conduct periodic studies of graduates and their employers to determine placement practices and the effectiveness of the education experience.”

The Office of Assessment & Quality Initiatives is responsible for coordinating this process.

Mary Beth Reynolds, PhD
Associate Vice President for Assessment & Quality Initiatives

Adam Russell
Assessment Coordinator & Qualtrics Brand Administrator