Board Committees

MU Board of Governors Committee Assignments as of July 19, 2021

Finance Committee

  • Geoff Sheils, Chair
  • Sandra Thomas, Vice Chair
  • Shawn Ball
  • Donald Holcomb
  • Carol Hurula, Staff Representative
  • Bill Noe
  • Bill Smith

Academic Committee

  • Kathy D’Antoni, Chairman
  • Angel Moore, Vice Chairman
  • Sam Moore
  • Chris Miller
  • Robin Riner/Faculty Representative
  • Alyssa Parks/Student Representative
  • Chad Pennington
  • Toney Stroud

Athletic Committee

  • Chris Miller, Chairman
  • Bill Noe, Vice Chairman
  • Donnie Holcomb
  • Angel Moore
  • Sam Moore
  • Robin Riner
  • Geoff Sheils
  • Sandra Thomas

Investment Committee

  • Geoff Sheils
  • Toney Stroud
  • Sandra Thomas

Executive Committee

  • Patrick Farrell, Chairman
  • Toney Stroud, Vice Chairman
  • William “Bill” Smith, Secretary

Invited members:

  • Kathy D’Antoni, Chairman of the Academic Committee
  • Geoff Sheils, Chairman of the Finance Committee
  • Chris Miller, Chairman of the Athletic Committee

About the Board

Members of Marshall University's Board of Governors are citizens, appointed by the governor, who oversee the university's operations and establish its policies.

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