Updated COVID-19 Vaccination Information for Employees

Vaccination Status Update

The university has received its first two weekly allotments of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and has been able to vaccinate 448 of the 1,200+ Marshall employees who have indicated an interest.

Depending on the actual amount of vaccine allotted to us, we anticipate vaccinating the following numbers of people in the next two clinics:

  • Week 3 (this week) – 150 employees
  • Week 4 (next week) – up to 275 employees

We are still waiting for guidance from the State as to the availability of vaccine for Week 5 and beyond. While we cannot guarantee future vaccine supply, we hope to be able to vaccinate every employee who is interested. Given that the university has no control over the number of vaccine doses we receive from the state each week, we are not able to provide employees an estimate of when they may be vaccinated. 

If you have not yet responded to either previous survey to indicate interest in receiving a vaccination, please visit this link to be added to the waiting list.

To see if you are already on the university’s list to get a vaccination, please click here. You should immediately receive a personalized website message indicating whether or not you are on the list. (You may need to sign in to your Marshall account first.)

Change in E-Mail Notification Process

If you are on the list to receive a vaccination, you will be notified when it is your turn; however, in order to simplify making an appointment, there has been a change to the vaccination notification process. When it is your turn to be vaccinated, most Marshall employees will receive an e-mail message from this COVID-19@marshall.edu e-mail address (rather than from the CDC) with instructions and appointment information. Employees of Marshall Health and the schools of medicine and pharmacy may still receive notification from CDC/VAMS, so please watch for e-mail from either sender.

We are vaccinating one day/week and have had very little notice regarding when/how many vaccines we will receive each week, so you will likely have a short window of time to schedule an appointment. Please monitor your e-mail closely. 

Prioritization of Vaccinations

Vaccines are being allocated according to the process announced in December, which includes considerations for age, health conditions, face-to-face contact with patients/the public and on-site work. Based on directions from the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, employees who indicated they have been working on campus or providing face-to-face instruction are being given priority over those who reported they have been working primarily remotely. In addition, availability on the date of the clinic and the timeliness of response to the surveys have been taken into consideration in the prioritization.

Appointments for Second Dose

Information about scheduling the second dose of the vaccine has not been released. At this time, employees who have received their first dose should not try to schedule a second dose through the CDC’s Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) portal. When details have been finalized, you will receive an e-mail from COVID19@marshall.edu with instructions for scheduling your appointment. If you have not received anything by the date your second vaccination is due, please notify the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Thank you again for your patience as we work through this complicated process. You may direct questions to COVID19@marshall.edu.