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About Us

The CORTEX Center at Marshall University’s Center for Teaching and Learning is a public organization that seeks to engender connections between a unique group of faculty experts and the problems within their community. The CORTEX stands for Community Research & Teaching Experiences. Through quantitative and qualitative research, the CORTEX group is determined and emboldened to embrace the public good and strive to solve the problems within our community. Their mission and common goal employs community-based research to aid non-profits, public entities, and certain businesses. By utilizing the expertise and resources at Marshall University, we can help these agencies to be the best version of themselves in service to the community.
“Simply, CORTEX meets you where you are to get you where you can and need to be.” – C. Damien Arthur, CORTEX Co-Director

Our Mission

Through quantitative and qualitative research, we embrace the public good and strive to solve and transform the problems within our community.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe in working with others to achieve our goals. By sharing knowledge and cultivating relationships, we build a stronger, more innovative approach to our initiatives. Uniting ideas allows the CORTEX Center to provide vital resources, which empowers those we serve.
  • We believe in dedication and hard work. We know it is our responsibility to provide the best quality service to our community leaders. We believe in the life-changing benefits our services provide. With continued commitment, we promise to conduct our practices with professionalism and efficiency.
  • We believe in the contribution to society, which defines our existence. With vision and purpose, we vow to improve the lives of those who seek our help. We aspire to raise understanding and support for community research and teaching experiences that promote a better tomorrow for our region.