Fife and Drum Corp

The John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps was formed in August 2007 by Dr. Wendell Dobbs, professor of flute at Marshall University with the support of the John Deaver Drinko Academy, the Department of Music and the College of Fine Arts. The John Deaver Drinko Academy’s mission to reinvigorate civic and political culture inspired the creation of the John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps. The corps’ music and image reaffirm Marshall University’s link with the era and spirit of Chief Justice John Marshall.

The John Marshall Fife and Drum Corps wear Revolutionary War era uniforms created locally by Magic Makers Costumes and perform on McDonagh fifes and rope drums similar to those used in Washington. Their music is from the era of Chief Justice John Marshall. Members of the corps are students and teachers in the department of music. The emblem on the corps’ drums and uniforms was designed by John Marshall and appears on a watch fob he procured in Paris during the time of the famous XYZ Affair. The emblem is used with the kind permission of APVA Preservation Virginia.

Since its formation the Corps has performed for tens of thousands of individuals in West Virginia and the surrounding region. In May 2008, the Corps was invited to perform in the prestigious Drummers Call at Colonial Williamsburg.

Fife and Drum Corp performing on Buskirk Field

Fife and Drum Corp performing for the WV House of Delegates

Fife and Drum Corps performing during the Marshall vs Southern Miss basketball game on 3-3-12

Fife and Drum Corp performing on Marshall University Campus

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Dr. Montserrat Miller
Executive Director

Kassidy Jordan
Program Coordinator

Cora Westmoreland
Executive Assistant

Dr. Wendell Dobbs
Musical Director

Dr. Clayton Brooks
Quoits Pitmaster