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Graduate Assistant

Doctoral Graduate Assistant Job Description

To be considered for a Doctoral Graduate Assistantship, the student must be formally admitted to a doctoral program in education at Marshall University.

  • Doctoral Graduate Assistants are expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week, during regular business hours, on responsibilities related to this position.
  • Doctoral Graduate Assistants will be provided with a work area and appropriate equipment and materials (computer, software, etc.) for the expected responsibilities.
  • The responsibilities of Doctoral Graduate Assistants will vary, dependent upon current needs of the doctoral program and doctoral program faculty and upon the skills, knowledge and experience of the DGA.

Responsibilities may include any of the following, or any combination of the following:

  • Providing general doctoral program support, under the supervision of a regular faculty member.
  • Providing support to teaching faculty, including such tasks as grading assignments, preparing teaching materials and equipment.
  • Conducting research under the direction of a regular faculty member.
  • Teaching or co-teaching masters level courses for which the graduate assistant has appropriate expertise and knowledge.

For more information, please visit Marshall’s Graduate¬†Assistantship Overview webpage.

Graduate Assistant Application