Why is Marshall University conducting the Family Campaign?

When we give, “they” give. By “they” we are referring to the alumni and friends who support our work here at Marshall. Community leaders are beginning to invest in us and we feel compelled to show that we believe in ourselves as much as they do. Like us, they understand traditional revenue sources do not fully fund the vision of Marshall University. As a result, a team of university volunteers decided that we should conduct the Family Campaign as a component of the comprehensive Marshall Rises campaign to demonstrate our commitment to the future of our students.

Who is conducting the Family Campaign?

Well, simply put, you are. We’ve asked your deans and department administrators to identify individuals to represent their divisions and help raise awareness for the campaign. Meet your Department Representatives.

What is the campaign goal?

Our goal is 100% participation to the Family Campaign. Every employee at Marshall will have the opportunity to determine at what level she/he feels most comfortable in making an investment. 

What projects are featured in the campaign?

We mentioned the five pillars on which this campaign will focus, but to be more specific, when we say Enhancing the Student Experience, we mean creating more need-based and merit-based scholarships. When we say Expanding Academics and Growing Our Reputation, we mean more endowed professorships, professional development funds, and more support for academic programs. When we say Creating an Environment of Innovative Learning, we mean new and renovated academic spaces like a new business school and athletic facilities like a new baseball stadium. When we say Forming a Foundation of Research and Creative Discovery, we mean more funds for faculty and undergraduate research and the arts. And when we say Deepening Community Partnerships and Engagement, we mean more corporate support and recovery outreach with the opioid epidemic.

If I already give, does my gift count toward the goal?

Yes. If you are currently giving, your gift counts toward the 100% participation. You are encouraged to consider making an additional investment in one of the featured pillars to improve educational access or provide an increased revenue stream to meet our greatest needs. Whatever you decide to do will be gratefully received and deeply appreciated.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes. Your gift will be designated into the specific fund of your choice at the Marshall University Foundation, Inc., which maintains a 501(c )3 status. Gifts are considered tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. All donors will receive a receipt.

Will the campaign accept payroll deductions?

Absolutely. Payroll deductions are encouraged. They auto renew November 1st of each year unless you tell us otherwise.

Does the campaign only want cash donations?

No. We encourage individuals to give serious consideration to non-cash gifts such as annuities, stocks, bonds, land, real estate, trusts, retirement funds no longer needed, in-kind gifts, etc. We urge you to discuss these gifts with your tax, financial and legal advisors and with the Marshall University Foundation staff. Together you can determine the kind of gift which best suits your personal circumstances and be of maximum benefit to Marshall University and its students. For more information, please call Scott Anderson at 304-696-3388 or e-mail  anderson119@marshall.edu.

Does the campaign only want large donations?

Any amount is welcome. Giving is a very personal matter and no one should over extend themselves through donations. Remember that our Family Campaign goal is 100% participation.

Will the campaign accept anonymous gifts?

Yes, we will honor your wishes. We do encourage you to accept the appropriate recognition because it often helps other donors know that a wide variety of individuals are committed to making a difference at Marshall University.

I have a question that was not covered, who do I contact?

Get in touch with your department representative or Griffin Talbott, Director of Annual Giving, at talbottw@marshall.edu or 304-696-6214.