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Marshall Plan

Marshall Plan for Quality Undergraduate Education

The Marshall Plan for Quality Undergraduate Education is designed to ensure that every student who receives a baccalaureate degree will be well prepared for the 21st Century. Every student atMarshall must complete the requirements of the Marshall Plan.  Some Marshall Plan requirements can also count towards major, minor, or college general education requirements. The Marshall Plan includes:

  • An integrated/applied mathematics course which requires a score of at least 19 on the ACT (460 on the SAT math section), and which can be fulfilled by completing MTH 121 or a higher level mathematics course.
  • An integrated science course that involves two or more scientific disciplines. This course is designated ISC in the schedule of courses. Students must first complete MTH 121 or a higher-level mathematics course. All students in theCollegeofScience, nursing students in theCollegeofNursingand Health Professions, and students in the Dietetics Program are exempted from the ISC requirement.
  • A three-hour course in multicultural studies, designated Multicultural in the Schedule of Courses.
  • A three hour writing intensive course, (beyond the six hour requirement in English composition), designated Writing Intensive in the Schedule of Courses.
  • Six hours of international studies courses, designated International in the Schedule of Courses.
  • Completion of a computer literacy/competency requirement defined by the major department.
  • A capstone experience to be completed by the end of the senior year.  Each major department designs its own capstone experience to help students synthesize and demonstrate competent learning in their fields.  The capstone experience includes both oral and written presentations.