Welcome to the website of the Glenwood Center for Scholarship in the Humanities, a public-private partnership between the Historic Glenwood Foundation, Marshall University Graduate Humanities Program, and West Virginia State University History Program.


The Center is based at the Glenwood Estate on the west side of Charleston and co-directed by Drs. Luke Eric Lassiter (MU Graduate Humanities Program) and Billy Joe Peyton (WVSU History).


To promote scholarship in the humanities including but not limited to that associated with the history of Charleston, the Kanawha Valley, and the State of West Virginia.
In the short term, the Center will work to host regular speaker series, classes and workshops in conjunction with academic programming in MU’s Graduate Humanities Program and WVSU’s History Program. In the long term, the Center will help to promote the larger missions of the Foundation, MU and WVSU by supporting humanities-based research, hosting visiting scholars, involving students in archival work and other preservation projects at the Glenwood Estate, and advancing collaborative grant and fund development.


The Marshall University Graduate Humanities Program, the West Virginia State University History Program, and the Historic Glenwood Foundation have been working together for several years on the history of the Glenwood Estate, West Virginia, and the larger Appalachian Region.  This partnership was a critical factor in establishing The Glenwood Project, a Graduate Humanities Program initiative to facilitate public engagement with the rich history of the Glenwood Estate in West Charleston. Through the auspices of the project, the Program offered several classes on the Glenwood Estate, Charleston, and the Kanawha Valley. The Glenwood Project was also the impetus for establishing the new Glenwood Center for Scholarship in the Humanities.

Here are some of our ongoing programs & projects:

The (original) Glenwood Seminar (Spring 2007)

The Archaeology of Glenwood (Summer 2008)

The Glenwood Symposium (Summer 2008)

Window to the West Side Traveling Exhibit (2009 – 2010)

Memories / Histories (Summer 2013)

Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary School Symposium (Fall 2013)

Glenwood & the History of Charleston Seminar (Spring 2014)

Food, Presentation and a Special Announcement (Spring 2014)

Archaeological Survey of Glenwood (Fall 2015)

Major Scholar Seminars (2015, 2016, 2017)

Glenwood Seminar: Glenwood, Charleston, and WV Histories (2018)


Dr. Luke Eric Lassiter, Center Co-Director
Graduate Humanities Program
Marshall University

Dr. Billy Joe Peyton, Center Co-Director
History Program
Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences
West Virginia State University