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What role does professional development play as you pursue a graduate degree here at Marshall University? At what point is it appropriate to plan your career path, or hone the nexus of soft and hard skills you will need as a professional?

Even if you’re just beginning your graduate studies, your professional life actually starts right now. As you develop your academic and intellectual skills in the classroom, in the lab, or in the field, consider how your discipline relates to your community, to other cultures, to the environment or the global economy. Find opportunities to connect with your peers, mentors, professionals in your field, faculty, consumers, small business owners, community leaders, and educators.

Then throughout the academic year, Graduate Professional Development (GPD) at Marshall University gives graduate students access to resources, cross-disciplinary collaboration opportunities, career planning workshops, and networking events.  As you professionalize through participation in the GPD events, you will also have opportunities to establish meaningful, long-term connections with graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines. By forming cross-disciplinary friendships and partnerships, you will learn how to inhabit the perspectives of others, collaborate, develop insights, and deploy your critical thinking skills to solve complex problems in your community and across the globe.