Campus Early Voting Ends 11/5/2024.

2024 West Virginia General Election Important Upcoming Dates

Date Event
10/15/2024 Voter Registration Deadline (In-Person, Email, Online, or Fax), (WV Election Dates and Deadlines), (WV Elections FAQ), (Voter Registration Deadlines)
10/30/2024 Last Day To Request An Absentee Ballot (Information on Voting by Absentee Ballot)
10/23/2024 – 11/02/2024 Early Voting
11/05/2024 Last Day To Hand Deliver Or Postmark An Absentee Ballot – must be received within 5 days after Election Day (Information on Voting by Absentee Ballot)
11/05/2024 Election Day

Marshall University

As a designated Voter Friendly Campus for 2021-2022, Marshall University’s institutional commitment to civic learning and democratic engagement is evidenced throughout the entire Marshall Family and can be seen in our administrative, faculty, staff, and student culture. While civic learning and democratic engagement take many forms, informed citizen participation in the electoral process is one of the most vital components of successful self-government.  Low voter registration and voter turnout rates are a threat to democracy and must be addressed from multiple angles; higher education has a vital role to play in inculcating habits of responsible citizenship.  The institution’s Mission, Vision, and Creed statements, the basic building blocks of its Core Curriculum, its programming priorities, its civic cultural orientation, its leadership and formal structures of democratic engagement all collectively prepare Marshall to undertake new efforts to advance student electoral participation. Learn more in our 2022-23 Voter Friendly Campus Plan.

Did You Know?

  • Marshall University is the first on-campus early voting precinct in the state of West Virginia (West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, 2018).
  • Any registered voter in Cabell County can utilize our university’s early voting precinct. Students who registered in another West Virginia county can cast a provisional ballot, which is counted during the canvassing period of the election, once it has been verified that the student did not cast a ballot in any additional county other than Cabell (West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, 2018).
  • Since opening in 2018, voter turnout among voters ages 18-24 has more than doubled (Cabell County Clerk’s office, 2018).
  • Approximately 1,500 voters utilized the facility in 2018 (Cabell County Clerk’s office, 2018).
  • Marshall University’s early voting precinct employees five full-time staff members for four weeks, each election year (Cabell County Clerk’s office, 2019).
  • Marshall University’s early voting precinct is the most ADA compliant early voting precinct in Cabell County (Cabell County Clerk’s office, 2019).
  • Following the success of Marshall University’s early precinct, West Virginia University will open its on-campus early voting precinct in the fall of 2020 (West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, 2020).


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