Voter Friendly Campus Committee

Dr. Kelli Johnson, Head of Access Services and Outreach, Marshall Libraries

Kacy Lovelace, Research and Student Success Librarian

Megan Archer, Assistant Director of Communications

Michelle Biggs, Student Advocate and Success Specialist

Christopher Hodge, Library Systems Specialist, Sr.

Matt James, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. Karen McComas, Executive Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Timothy Melvin, Assistant Professor and Director of Assessment, COEPD

Dr. Montserrat Miller, Executive Director, John Deaver Drinko Academy

Patricia Proctor, J.D., Director of the Simon Perry Center for Constitutional Democracy

Jonathan Sutton, Accountant

Claire Snyder, Program Coordinator, Women’s and Gender Center

Recognized Student Organizations

Pre- Law Club at Marshall University 14
Students for Sensible Drug Policy 9
Ambassadors of Social Change 7
College Republicans at Marshall University 34
Philosophy Club 9
Criminal Justice Association 18
Student Government Association at Marshall University 54
College Democrats at Marshall University 17
Students for a Democratic Society 8
Student Center for Public Trust 15