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CamHendersonCenterSeatThe Marshall University community is heartbroken at the loss of Dr. Stephen J. Kopp, president since 2005, who died suddenly Wednesday evening, December 17, 2014.

Dr. Kopp will be remembered as a visionary in higher education who always had the best interests of Marshall students at heart. A Son of Marshall forever, his legacy is visible in the lives of Marshall students, whom he loved, and the many innovations and projects that took place during his administration.

Photo: President Kopp’s seat at the Cam Henderson Center was memorialized.



tribute cartoon

Above: This editorial cartoon, which appeared in the Charleston Daily Mail on Dec. 19, 2014, was drawn by Marshall alumnus Wade McComas.


CardWriting_12-19-14At left: Marshall community members write cards of condolence for the Kopp family at the Office of University Communications Dec. 19, 2014.