John Marshall Leadership Fellows Program – 2023 Cohort

Members of the 2023 Cohort:

Bradly Adkins
Unit:  Student Financial Assistance
Mentor:  Bruce Felder

Jordan Adkins
Unit:  Marshall University Police Department
Mentor:  Jim Terry

Kathy Brannock
Unit:  Office of Academic Affairs
Mentor:  Elizabeth Hanrahan

Allissa Caudill
Unit:  School of Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Mentor:  April Fugett

Todd Davies
Unit:  School of Medicine, Family and Community Health
Mentor:  Eric Blough

Clark Davis
Unit:  University Communications
Mentor:  Bruce Felder

Rick Gage
Unit: Natural Resources and the Environment Department
Mentor:  Brian Morgan

Bill Gardner
Unit:  Cyber Forensics and Security Department
Mentor:  Karen McComas

Conrae Lucas-Adkins
Unit:  School Psychology Program
Mentor:  Teresa Eagle

Michele Muth
Unit:  Campus Recreation
Mentor:  Katrina Mailloux

Husnu Narman
Unit:  Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering Department
Mentor:  Paulus Wahjudi

Carleen O’Neill
Unit:  Integrated Science and Technology Department, Natural Resources and the Environment Department
Mentor:  Brandi Jacobs

Gretchen Prather
Unit:  School of Physical Therapy
Mentor:  Mike Prewitt

Kandice Rowe
Unit:  College of Education and Professional Development
Mentor:  Marcie Simms

Yousef Sardahi
Unit:  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
Mentor:  Asad Salem

Kimberly Thomas
Unit:  Human Resource Services
Mentor:  Ginny Painter

Jana Tigchelaar
Unit:  English Department
Mentor:  Kelli Prejean

Howard Young
Unit:  Housing and Residence Life
Mentor:  Mistie Bibbee


Pictures from the 2023 Cohort Welcome Reception



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