Stuttering Clinic

At Marshall University Speech and Hearing Center, we provide specialized stuttering treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

Stuttering is a disruption in the forward flow of speech that is typically accompanied by physical tension, secondary behaviors, avoidance of communication, and/or negative reactions on the part of the speaker.

Disruptions in the forward flow of speech may consist of:

  • Repetitions: repeating of a syllable, sound, word, or phrase
    (e.g., “li-li-li-like this”)
  • Prolongations: holding onto a sound for an extended period of time
    (e.g., “lllike this”)
  • Blocks: no sound is produced then a “burst” of tension is released when the speaker is able to vocalize
    (e.g., “—-like this”)
  • Interjections: extra words
    (e.g., “um, uh, like”)
  • Revisions: speech is revised during an utterance
    (e.g., “I have to go…I need to go to the store.”)

Students, as part of clinical training, provide services under the direct supervision of certified speech-language pathologists using up-to-date, research-based treatments.

For younger children (ages 2 to 6), treatment is likely to include a combination of indirect (family-focused) and direct (child-focused) treatment. For this population, the ultimate goal is typically to eliminate stuttering or reduce it to a mild level.

For older children (age 7 and above) and adults, the goals of treatment shift to successful management of stuttering. This may include teaching strategies such as speech modification and stuttering modification strategies, increasing knowledge of stuttering, and reducing negative reactions to stuttering.

The ultimate goal for older children and adults is to ensure that the person who stutters has the ability to manage their stuttering so that it does not interfere with their ability to effectively communicate and participate in social situations. The focus of treatment is placed on functional outcomes on an individualized basis.

Stuttering Resources

Questions regarding Stuttering Clinic Services, contact:

Sarah Clemins, M.S., CCC-SLP
Phone: 304-696-3246