Stuttering Clinic

At Marshall University Speech and Hearing Center, we provide specialized stuttering treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a complex disorder with no simple definition, with many factors contributing to development and evolution of the disorder in individuals. Everyone produces dysfluencies in their speech from time to time (e.g., hesitations, pauses, revisions, phrase repetitions and occasionally other types of dysfluencies). Generally, stuttering is characterized (outwardly) by an increase in certain types of dysfluencies (stuttered dysfluencies), such as:

  • prolongations (e.g., lllllike this)
  • blocks (c…….ookie)
  • repetitions (c-c-c-c-cookie)

These dysfluencies may be accompanied by physical tension or secondary behaviors such as (lip pursing, decreased eye contact, eye blinking, fidgeting, jaw tension, etc.), indicating that an individual is struggling to produce their message.

Importantly, we know that:

  • stuttering is in no way linked to intelligence
  • there is no “cure” for stuttering
  • stuttering is not caused by anything a parent has done or not done; in fact, we know now that there are neurological and genetic components to the onset of stuttering.

Stuttering is so much more than just stuttering—it can have an impact on not only the behavioral aspects of communication (i.e., what people hear/observe in a persons speech), but also on their thoughts, feelings, and participation in everyday life.

MUSHC clinic objectives

  • Prioritize communication—empower clients to say what they want to say, when they want to say it, regardless of stuttering.
  • Improve stuttering management strategies (develop tools to use to either eliminate stuttering or allow individuals to stutter in an easier, forward-moving way).
  • Focus on the cognitive (thoughts) and affective (feelings) aspects of the impact of stuttering to help clients decrease negative impact of stuttering on their lives.
  • Help individuals who stutter recognize they are not alone!

What we offer

Evaluation & Treatment

  • We offer individualized evaluation and treatment services to individuals who stutter of all ages, from toddlers to adults.
  • Treatment involves either individual or group treatment to target each client’s unique objectives.

NSA Groups

The National Stuttering Association’s (NSA) motto is: “If you stutter, you are not alone.” We offer two local support groups through the National Stuttering Association (NSA). These are not intervention services, but rather an opportunity to meet and interact with other individuals who stutter, build self-confidence, practice speaking in front of others, and learn new ways to cope with stuttering in a safe, supportive environment.

Huntington/Marshall U. Family Chapter

This group is for children who stutter (age 7-17) and their families. Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30. Contact chapter leaders Jamie Maxwell ( or Bryan Matthews ( for more information.

Huntington/Marshall U. Adult Chapter

This group is for adults 18+ who stutter and their families. Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:30. Contact chapter leaders Jamie Maxwell ( or Bryan Matthews ( for more information.

As of September 2021, the clinic offers both virtual and in person.