Testament Works

These works were proudly created by our veterans within Testament.


As I read Lucan’s Civil War, I was drawn to the gore, the excess and the rhetoric.

His refusal to adhere to the history of epics, manipulating his commission, becoming a Heretic.

It is the way that Lucan diverts warfare from the human and emotional shackles,

And speaks in a dissociated machine-gun language that resonates with those born of battle.

Like the soldiers of the Battle of Pharsalus, understanding and accepting what I see, in the mirror is what terrifies me the most

It is not a demon, a monster, or a ghost

The reflection I see is a child of war with a stare that burns with eyes reminiscent of Julies Caesar

War-hungry like a descendent of Mars, embracing the chaos brought by Bellona, eager to please her

Unable to hide all the dark thoughts, secretly yearning for another conflict to embrace

Understanding now more than ever the consequences that those who cross the Rubicon must face

Behind those eyes, the shadow of a warrior, filled with fury looking over my shoulder

Exposing all the dark parts of my soul, once locked away to smolder

.Like the excess of Erictho digging her fingers into the eyes of the dead

The excess imagery of my war is burned into my head.

The miasma of warriors both past and present stuck in winless wars fueled greed and fought by the brave

War-torn souls waiting for the touch of the necromancer, plotting revenge, waiting to be plucked from their grave.

Warriors once strong, now afraid that a good death was denied.

Like Caesar said, I’ve put my trust in the Fates. Let war decide!


Poem by: Robert Markwell


Artwork by: Josh Perry