What can I expect from a tutoring session?

Tutors are here to serve all Marshall University students who want help with their writing.  Tutors will help with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining to research documentation and revising.  Most important, tutors are trained to help students become more aware of their own writing processes and to build confidence in student writers.

Can I get help with papers from other classes besides English?

Yes.  Most of our tutors are English majors, but many of them have experience writing in a variety of other disciplines, so discipline-specific papers are welcome. However, if your paper is discipline-specific, please bring in all supporting material in order to help the tutor better understand the parameters of the assignment, including information regarding discipline-specific conventions.

What are my responsibilities?

Students are not required to have a complete draft in order to have a tutoring session, but it is crucial for students to bring all relevant course documents to the session, particularly a description of the assignment.  The more information tutors have about your writing task, the more effective they can be in guiding you through the writing process.  Students are also required to be active participators in their own sessions by remaining engaged and open to dialogue with the tutor.

Are there any limitations to what tutors can do in a session?

Remember that tutors guide students through the process of writing; students should view tutors as peers or coaches, not teachers who can guarantee certain grades or error-free papers.  With this in mind, tutors are not able to:

  • Fix or write your paper for you.  Tutors are only here to help you to identify and address your errors yourself.
  • Discuss grades with you. It is your professor’s and your responsibility to identify course/assignment expectations and objectives.  We try to work with professors as much as possible to understand their assignments, and tutors are trained in writing theory and practice. However, tutors are not responsible for assigning grades.
  • Be expected to side with either the client or the professor.  Tutors are neutral parties who are here to help with writing only.

What is the time-frame of a typical tutoring session?

The length of a tutoring session depends on the complexity of the writing task and the length of your paper. In general, the minimum time for appointments is 30 minutes, and the maximum time is 60 minutes. If your paper is longer than 8 typed pages, it is advised that you make 2 or more appointments in order to work through the entire paper.

How do I make an appointment?

  1. Go to http://marshall.mywconline.com/or to our Writing Center’s main home page, http://www.marshall.edu/writingcenter/, which provides a link to the appointment page.
  2. First-time users must register by choosing “Click here to register” at the top of the screen and filling out brief demographic data and creating a user name (Marshall University email address) and a password.
  3. Once you have registered, you may log in to make an appointment. The white boxes indicate tutor availability, designated as “Open Time.”
  4. When you click on a white box, you will be prompted to submit information regarding your agenda for the tutoring session.  Be sure to fill out the appointment form completely before “saving” the session.

How many appointments can I make per week?

No more than three, one-hour appointments per week may be scheduled. In addition, two or more visits should not occur within the same day.

What if I have to change or cancel my appointment?

If you must cancel an appointment, log into the scheduling system and click on “Control Panel” in the top left corner.  Your appointments will be listed under “My Appointments,” where you have the choice to modify or to cancel your appointment. You will receive an email notification with updated information regarding your appointment.  If you have trouble with this procedure, call the Writing Center at 304-696-6254. Please do not email to cancel an appointment, as your tutor may not receive notification in time.

What if I am late for my appointment?

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, your appointment may be cancelled so the tutor can serve a walk-in student.  If you are late but the tutor is still available, you will have your remaining appointment time.

What if I miss my appointment?

If you miss your appointment, the tutor will mark you as a “No Show” in our scheduling system.  If you receive more than 3 “No Show” reports, you may no longer be allowed to make appointments for the duration of the semester.

How do I show my professor that I have been to the Writing Center?

A tutoring session of 30-minutes or more is required in order to receive a session report for your professor.  Please give your tutor your professor’s email and ask your tutor to fill out a session report at the end of your session.

What if I have questions about your services?

Please email writing@marshall.edu regarding our services.


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Please note: we will not be providing walk-in services this semester. Students must make appointments prior to attending face-to-face Writing Center sessions. Social distancing should be maintained and masks should be worn during sessions.


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