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As thousands of jobs remain unfilled across West Virginia, there is a great need to better connect jobs to people and people to jobs. One way to begin improving workforce participation, job growth and overall economic prosperity is to provide a concierge service of West Virginia jobs in a single portal to help make the jobs search process a little less onerous and a little more effective. Search for WV jobs today.

West Virginia Summer Care Options (2019)
For parents facing immediate caregiving needs when schools let out in June, West Virginia Forward is releasing a list of more than 250 statewide 2019 summer care options, including programs offered by West Virginia University, Marshall University and others accredited through the American Camp Association. The goal is to help working parents find quality care options so they can have peace of mind and productive days at work.

Talent Forward
West Virginia has a strong talent pool of trained and educated workers. However, employers must know where to announce their job openings and talent must know where to search. West Virginia has connected with higher education institutions and skilled labor unions to provide contact information for employers to post jobs and learn more about the available workforce throughout the state.

100+ Ways to Get Startup Capital in West Virginia
While West Virginia has seen recent success in attracting landmark business projects, the key driver of job growth is a healthy start-up and small business ecosystem. West Virginia Forward identified the need for a comprehensive capital providers index after the blueprint underlined the limited availability of risk-tolerant capital for West Virginia businesses. West Virginia Forward researched and compiled “100 Ways to Get Startup Capital:  A West Virginia Entrepreneur’s Toolkit,” which includes a variety of direct funding sources such as grants, equity investors and alternative lenders.

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