Academic Portfolio

One work group is addressing Marshall’s academic portfolio, meaning those programs that result in degrees being awarded.

The Academic Portfolio Review process started in November 2013. The chronicle of that process is available here through previous updates, degree program niche statements, decanal recommendations for program development, and most recently, in March 2016, the deans’ college-specific updates on the final results of this two-year-plus process. Throughout the portfolio review process the deans, department chairs, and faculty have discussed in detail the ramifications of the reviews on the future of Marshall’s academic programming, and arrived at significant decisions regarding degree program/major structure and continuation. These efforts have lead to an improved understanding of our academic portfolio and have re-positioned the university regarding its long-term planning discussions and actions. The Deans’ final portfolio review updates are available here.

A summary of results from the program viability review, with background information as context, is available here.


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