The Budget Work Group was initially established by the president in Spring 2013 to provide counsel and recommendations for the university’s annual operating budget. The group comprises representatives from academic and administrative departments across all campuses, including appointees from Faculty Senate, Classified Staff Council and Student Government Association. In Fall 2013, the Budget Work Group expanded to include additional members from those groups.
For Fiscal Year 2015, the group began with $14 million deficit in the university’s operating budget. Working together, the group was able to utilize $5.5 million in one-time sources to reduce the deficit to zero and provide more than $2.3 million for faculty and staff raises.
For Fiscal Year 2016, the Budget Work Group explored various budget models and determined a hybrid model would be the best for Marshall. The operating budget was essentially created as a zero based budget after considering sources of revenue including State Appropriations, tuition and fees under the revised tuition and fee structure, $3 million in net revenue enhancement from the 20/20 Rapid Response Teams, among others. The Budget Work Group and all of the budget units across  campus worked diligently to make adjustments in order to arrive at a balanced budget while still making a provision for a salary increase pool.

The Budget Work Group kicked off its first meeting of the year on Friday October 2. Discussions began with a status update on the Fiscal Year 2016 budget which included reviewing the almost $900,000 captured to date related to the $3 million target from the 20/20 Rapid Response Teams. The group also discussed the potential for mid-year reductions for FY16 and expectations for base appropriation reductions for FY17 given the State’s challenges with revenue collections, particularly from Severance taxes. The group discussed several areas to explore if the mid-year reductions become a reality although the group was adamant that we must keep our focus on our students and their success. Initial plans for the process of putting together the FY17 budget were also shared.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be October 23. With the recent release from the Governor about mid-year budget cuts, an additional meeting has been schedule for October 9.


News releases, budget documents and prior meeting information are available through the link below.

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