The purpose of the BB&T Center for the Advancement of American Capitalism (“The Center”) in the Lewis College of Business is to promote an awareness and understanding of American Capitalism in today’s market economy within our region and to encourage entrepreneurship.

Our purpose is accomplished by providing “angel level” investment and support for catalytic, high impact projects focused on (1) developing that awareness and understanding of American Capitalism, or (2) encouraging entrepreneurship and developing twenty-first century business skill sets. These skill sets include Integrity, Leadership, and Innovation.

Working with and through the Lewis College of Business, the faculty and staff are de facto agents of The Center. They propose projects, activities and enterprises in which The Center invests.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas for the benefit of our students as well as the larger community. We look for projects rich with the potential for engagement with the community and impact upon the regional economy.

Dr. Monisha Gupta