Spring 2018 BERS Finalists

The BERS Spring 2018 winners!

Pictured from left to right:  Dean Avi Mukherjee, Derek Woods, Ruby Alabatan (Service Wire Co. Energy Usage), President Jerome Gilbert, Brianna Harrison, Brenda Gordon (River and Rail), Sarah Bostic, Ellen Castro (Millennial Job Seekers in WV), and Director Bob Simpson, BB&T Center for the Advancement of Capitalism.


#02—MU Cortex Consulting Project

  1. Charles Arthur
  2. Anthony Alexander


#05—Solar Mountains

  1. Brantley Hissom
  2. Robert Martin


#09—Expanding NHL into WV

  1. Amanda Nelson
  2. Josh Kovack


#10—$15 Minimum Wage Effect

  1. Ingrid Burnette


#12—Increased disposable Income

  1. Alexia Canady


#16—HPD Overtime Expenses

  1. Langley Sonnenburg
  2. Alex O’Donnell


#18—River and Rail

  1. Brenda Gordon
  2. Brianna Harrison


#19—Millennial Job Seekers in WV

  1. Ellen Castro
  2. Sarah Bostic


#20—Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth

  1. Renay Freckleton


#21—Rotary Club Website

  1. Alex McDonald
  2. Andrew Edwards


#22—Personality Traits and Selection

  1. Joy Vu


#23—Reducing Hospital Cost

  1. Connor Henson
  2. Matthew Colonna


#26—Education and Success in the Workplace

  1. Steven Han


#27—Impact of Sexual Harassment on Health

  1. Kennedy Gatembu


#32—EHR Impact on Medical Errors

  1. Morgan Ruley
  2. Laikyn Nelson


#36—Challenges of Women in Business

  1. Whitney Carter


#38—Tech Impact on Retail

  1. Cody Hatten
  2. Oliver Sutherin


#39—Service Wire Co. Energy Usage

  1. Ruby Alabatan
  2. Derek Woods


#42—Cost Reduction by Home Telehealth

  1. Joelle Danielle Mahaga Kamdem


#44—MIS Alumni Tracking

  1. Phillip Taylor