Tier 1

Title Description Delivery Method Duration
Data DAY-ta or DA-ta what’s it MA-ta. Tips and tricks on how to collect, assess, and make data based decisions. Face to Face 2.5 Hours
Classroom Management Classroom management is foundational to a successful classroom. This training uses Tim Knoster’s book, Effective Classroom Management, to guide our participants on best practices to use in the classroom within the framework of a multi-tiered system. Education professionals will learn about building rapport, building behavioral expectations, using positive reinforcement, the importance of classroom climate, and what to do next when challenges occur. Face to Face 2.5 Hours
School-wide PBIS; The Why & Why Overview of PBS Tier 1 Webinar 25 Minutes
Running Effective Meetings The goal of the training is to provide examples of effective and purposeful teams. Webinar 15 Minutes
Introduction to ECPBIS Overview of ECPBIS Pyramid Model Webinar 30 Minutes
Using Your Data the Right Way This session will focus on why we use data, what to do with the data and how it should be used for making decisions. Webinar 10 Minutes
Sustainability Tips for sustaining PBIS during a large staff or administrator turnover. Webinar 20 Minutes