Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Admission Criteria for AAS in Medical Laboratory Technology

 Minimum Qualifications:

  • Overall Grade Point Average of 2.5
  • If students fall into the category of needing to take CHM 111 as a prerequisite to CHM 211 due to not having the minimum required ACT score of 21, then CHM 111 must be successfully completed with a “C” or greater before admission into the MLT program
  • Students must be able to complete all required coursework, including clinical rotations, for the MLT program within 16 months of the August start date of the program.

Application Process

Students interested in the MLT program must submit to the Program Director:

  • If not a currently enrolled Marshall University student:  apply for general admission to Marshall University as soon as possible and have all transfer credits sent to the Admissions department for processing.  Online application for admission can be found at:
  • Two letters of reference (non-family members)
  • MLT.MLS Application Form 2022.1 (fillable pdf)
  • Scan all application documents (letters of reference and application form) and email directly to

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted between March 1 and May 31 for the following fall semester.

Admission Decisions

Admission letters are emailed to all qualified applicants by the middle of June following the application deadline notifying them of the admission committee’s decision and their admission status.

Upon Admission

Once a student is admitted to the MLT program, the following policies apply:

  1. All required courses for the Associate in MLT must be completed with a minimum grade of “C” or higher. Students who earn a grade of less than a “C” in required coursework must repeat the course and earn a “C” or greater.
  2. Students must receive a minimum of “C” in all CLS courses in order to progress to the following semester of CLS courses.
  3. Students must have completed all required pre-requisite coursework in the AAS MLT curriculum with a minimum of “C” in order to be eligible for MLT clinical rotations (CLS 270, 271, 272, and 273).  Therefore, students who do not make a “C” in ALL required coursework in the MLT curriculum will not be permitted to attend clinical rotations; this means that if a student makes a below a “C” during the spring term in any required course and is already begun summer clinical rotations before this grade is known, the student will be removed from rotations, and will be expected to retake those courses and obtain a “C” or greater before being permitted to attend clinical rotations.  Clinical rotations are offered in the summer and fall terms only, therefore, if a student fails to complete all required coursework with a “C” or greater during the summer prior to the fall rotation, then that student must participate in directed independent study for all CLS courses, as well as complete required coursework with a “C” or greater, and wait until the following summer to attend clinical rotations.