Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Science (AAS-MLT)

The Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) is an allied health professional with an associate of science degree who is qualified to work in the clinical laboratory setting.  A 2+2 career ladder program is offered with the AAS-MLT degree as the first degree which transitions seamlessly to the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (BS MLS).

The MLT program prepares students to perform approximately 90% of the routine diagnostic work conducted in clinical labs, including blood and urine tests, cross-matches for blood transfusions, culture pathogenic bacteria and execute clotting tests. MLTs work in hospital laboratories, doctor’s offices and in industry.

Online Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (BS MLS)

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science ( BS MLS) is an online program that enables students who have completed their AAS in MLT to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, often while working full time in the clinical laboratory.  Applications are accepted from all over the country from graduates of NAACLS accredited MLT programs or military MLT training programs.  Medical Laboratory Scientists perform specialized tests in areas such as flow cytometry, blood bank analysis, serology, immunology, clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics and parasitology.  Most MLSs are employed in hospital laboratories, physician’s offices, state and federal health agencies and the armed forces.  Upon successful completion, students are eligible for national certification through ASCP as an MLS.  BS MLS graduates are also well prepared for graduate programs such as Medicine, Physical Therapy and Forensics.

Linked Programs for MLT Program:  Marshall University currently offers linked programs with Bridge Valley CTC and SWVCTC Associate Degree in MLT programs for students wishing to continue to the online BS in MLS program.  Students wishing to pursue this route should contact the program directors of both programs for specific instructions and advising.