>FILM: Practicum in Applied Academics (ANT)


Throughout that busy semester, Heidi Dennison, Jake Farley, Samantha Harvey, Alexis Kastigar, Hannah Smith, and Jocelyn Taylor had an in-depth, “behind the scenes” experience learning how to host an academic conference. In addition to conference planning, five students organized their own paper session and presented their individual research projects. The sixth student created a multi-media ethnographic storytelling project, which you can learn more about in a separate film. They were all, in fact, completely involved in the conference as both planners and participants. This film serves as lasting documentation of their work as well as both a retrospective “report” on their experience in the internship and prospective reflection on where they plan to go from here. It is not only a story of Huntington but also a narrative of six students reinventing and reinvesting in their local.

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