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Boniface Noyongoyo

Dr. Noyongoyo is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. He has conducted his research on international students eating habits as part of his interests for food and social inequalities. His research suggests that there is deep connection between every day food practices and academic life. He teaches introduction to sociology, research methods, and statistics for social sciences. When he is not engaged in sociological research and teaching, Dr. Noyongoyo teaches French and Italian.

Selected publications

Hinojosa, Melanie Sberna, Ramon Hinojosa, Jenny Nguyen, Melissa Bright and the University of Central Florida Child Health Research Group. 2016. “Individualized Education Program Development Among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Children and Adolescents with Health Conditions.” Maternal and Child Health Journal. Online first 29 July. DOI: 10.1007/s10995-016-2142-6. PDF

Nguyen, Jenny, Melanie Hinojosa, Sara Strickhouser, Rameika Newman, Emily Strohacker, and Boniface Noyongoyo. “Family Predictors of Child Mental Health Conditions” Journal of Family Issues. PDF

Selected courses

Data Analysis for Criminal Justice

Food and Society

Introduction to Sociology

Social Problems

Sociology of Law

The Consumer Society