Workplace Trend: The Liberal Arts Major


With “software eating the world”¬†and just about every business becoming, in some way, a tech business, it’s no surprise that many experts (and a whole lot of worried parents) have argued that getting a tech degree is the best way to ensure you’ll thrive in today’s economy. The pace of technological change isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, but some contradictory voices are now arguing that doesn’t mean everyone should become a coder or engineer. On the contrary, some are now ready to predict that 2020 will be the year demand for traditional liberal arts majors makes a major rebound.

On LinkedIn each year author Dan Schawbel writes a list of workplace trends to watch for in the coming year. This time around Schawbel makes this prediction about degrees in subjects like literature, philosophy and history:

“AI will automate technical skills and drive the demand for soft skills like creativity, communication and empathy. While there’s been such a focus on recruiting STEM over the past several years, those majors will continue to lose relevance, while liberal arts majors will become more valuable to companies moving forward.”


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