Dr. Riner (ANT) wins Hedrick Program Grant and Develops Related Seminar for Fall 2020


Drs. Robin Riner (Anthropology) and Christina Franzen (Classics) recently won the Hedrick Program Grant for Teaching Innovation at Marshall University.

They are team-teaching an upper level seminar, “The Wars Within, The Wars Without: Lucan’s Civil War through Modern Veterans Eyes” as a part of this and other grant programs of which they are a part. These include not only the Hedrick but also the West Virginia Humanities Council Major Grant and the Society of Classical Studies “Classics Everywhere” Initiative Grant. The course will be cross-listed as special topics ANT 480 and CL 480 in Fall 2020.

Lucan’s Civil War is an unflinching, brutal window into people, a state, and a world that’s being torn apart from the inside out during the civil war between Pompey and Caesar at Rome in 49 BCE. Civil War celebrates individual soldiers while being critical of the state, reclaims its soldiers’ autonomy from the enemy in death, glories and simultaneously despairs in graphic and gory content, and exults in soldiers’ strength through adversity. This text, in its excess, violence, sadness, and absurdity, builds a bridge from the past to the present, and from the Civil War of ancient Rome to the conflicts of today.

ANT and CL 480 Seminar Flier for Fall 2020

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