Explore. Design. Graduate. Empower. EDGE.

The Marshall University EDGE Mentoring program gives students an “edge” in navigating the transition to college and making good decisions on the road to a timely graduation. Full-time, fully admitted freshmen who have been identified as suitable candidates for the EDGE program, based on their responses to the orientation survey, will be invited to apply to EDGE as part of the personalization of their freshman experience. Second-year students will be invited to continue in the EDGE program as long as they uphold the student agreement throughout their first year.

EDGE serves only 150 students each year, so even though you may be eligible, you must complete a short online application to secure your seat for Academic Year 2020-2021 if you are invited. The application takes only about 10 minutes to complete.

Benefits of the EDGE Program

  • Receive personal one-on-one support: A trained faculty member serves as your personal EDGE mentor for your first year in college (and your second year if you’d like to continue in the program). Expect to meet one-on-one with your mentor at least four times per semester. Think of your mentor as your own personal college counselor. He or she is dedicated to helping you meet to academic expectations and connect to all that Marshall has to offer.
  • Find a place to belong in the EDGE Center: The EDGE Center (Corbly 103) houses the mentor offices, but the lounge there is also a great place to study, get to know other EDGE students, heat up your lunch and eat with friends, have a movie night, or meet with mentors informally.
  • EDGE computer lab and free printing: Free academic printing is available to EDGE students only. Four desktop computers are available for use, and the lounge has dedicated Wi-Fi for your laptops and other mobile devices.
  • Build your resume and leadership skills through Community Based Learning (CBL): EDGE students have a unique opportunity to empower themselves and empower others by joining together to design a community project in the Fall semester and implement it in the Spring semester.
  • Develop strategies for success through high impact enrichment activities: Freshman EDGE students take some classes together, which helps in forming study groups and making connections between classes. The EDGE program also offers guidance for both first-year and second-year EDGE students in seeking other appropriate resources to improve your academic, social, and physical well-being.

The application for new freshmen can be found here.