Exercise Science graduates are being placed in professional positions at competitive salaries.  Table 3 and 4 display examples of administrative/management, and staff positions in clinical, corporate, commercial, and community health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation, wellness, performance enhancement, pharmaceutical, and other allied health care settings in regions across the country.  They have also been successful in obtaining positions dedicated to clinical research and in obtaining external funding to support their research programs.

Salaries range from initial positions from $25,000 to more than $150,000 as their career progresses.  The salary of one graduate who specializes in pacemaker sales and management was greater than $500,000.  The salaries of some are augmented with an expense account, the provision of a vehicle, and benefit plans.

The doctorate degree is not a priority for Clinical and Applied Area of Emphasis graduates.  It provides no special opportunity for upward mobility and professional success in the clinical setting, except in research roles.  Knowledge of the clinical literature and research interpretation and applications are valuable assets in all allied health disciplines and we, therefore, strongly emphasize the pursuit of scholarly excellence in both of these areas, along with clinical, technical and management skills.


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