FYS Faculty Classroom Activity Funds

FYS Faculty Funds support small projects and innovative activities in the classroom. Requests for these limited funds will be evaluated by the FYS Advisory Committee twice yearly.


Applicants must have completed the FYS Training Institute and must be teaching FYS in the semester for which they are applying for funds.


Instructors may apply for a grant ranging from $50 to $200.


An instructor wants to try a CSI-like activity with FYS students that will involve purchasing some supplies such as string, fake blood, gloves, fingerprint powder, tape and other related supplies.  The activity underscores critical thinking and problem-solving and specifically targets inquiry-based thinking as well as integrative thinking.  Instead of spending out-of-pocket for these supplies, s/he plans to apply for $150 in FYS funds.


  • Spring Semester: The deadline for applications for spring 2017 semester funding: Friday, Feb. 24 at 4 pm.
  • Fall Semester: The deadline for applications for fall 2017 semester funding: Friday, September 22 at 4pm.

Please complete the application below for consideration.