Professional Development

  • Each semester we generally have two or three FYS faculty meetings. In part, we use the meetings to share informational updates, but we also try to include some kind of professional development component in each meeting so that faculty have a chance to share instruction plans and activity plans and learn from one another. You may be a veteran FYS faculty member who went through training years ago, and you might like a refresher on some new approaches to teaching the course. Or, you might be a new FYS instructor who is still looking for ideas and approaches that better fit your theme. Or, you might be tired of your theme altogether and are looking for an entirely new approach. Whatever the case, we want to make sure we are offering professional development you want, need and will entice you to take part in FYS faculty meetings/professional development sessions. That is the purpose of this survey, which is in two parts. In Part A, we would like to come up with some professional development topics/activities that would interest you. In each case, there is room for you to suggest a topic and a possible presenter (which could but doesn’t have to be you). We also have listed some possible topics and would like to know if those suggested topics would interest you.
  • Part A – brainstorm of possible topics


  • Motivating students

  • Collaboration and group work