HerdCon Movie Cast

If you enjoy the HerdCon Popcast or Book Chats, a new show is coming your way.

Giant Bombs: Exploring Cinema Through Famous Box Office Flops set to premiere in March!

This limited-series podcast will examine some of the most notorious box office bombs of all-time. Why did these films flop so hard with audiences and critics? How did these massive failures reshape the cinema? And most important of all, are some of these films actually good?


Introducing your hosts!

Dr. Cody Lumpkin:

Cody looking was born in North Georgia, around hog-killing time. Since 2012, he has worked in the English Department at Marshall University teaching courses in film and Appalachian literature. He co-hosts Herdcon Bookchats with Meghan Sexton-Harness.

Dr. Ian Nolte:

Ian Nolte has taught in the English Department at Marshall University since 2015 with a focus on teacher education, film studies, and digital humanities. He is passionate about both movies and ambitious failures.

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