HerdCon is always in search of donors and partnerships to help us provide a unique, entertaining, and educational experience to all.  Our volunteers work hard to provide a memorable experience on limited funding.  Our goal for 2023 will be to continue offering FREE ADMISSION to everyone, as well as bringing in some special guests or events.  If possible, we would like to be able to expand to a 2-day event as well.  All of these things require the donation of funds and time.

If you wish to donate, we have some set donation levels available online currently.  Don’t see a donation amount that meets your budget, email us at herdcon@marshall.edu or mail a check to us at:

HerdCon Sponsorships

Drinko Library 313A

Budget Committee c/o Tiffani Daniels

One John Marshall Drive

Huntington, WV 25755


HERDCON Sponsor Levels

All Donors will be listed under their level on our website and social media.

League of Extraordinary Donors ($1,000 donation)

You are one of the select, the few, the extraordinary. Your adventures have brought you to this convention and brought you into a world of wondrous possibilities. What adventures will your donation bring? Special guests? Educational events? Only the future can tell, for now.


Stranger Donors ($500 donation)

The world is a strange, and sometimes dangerous place.  You’ve stepped up to fight the dark things that lurk in the shadows.  What awaits?  Madness, adventure, terrible puns?


Khalessi or Khal! ($300 donation)

Carve out a piece of our sponsorship terroritory for yourself and your kingdom!  Join in the intrigue and the drama to help us on our way to the HerdCon throne.


Caped Crusader ($200 donation)

You roam the streets at night, dealing out justice and protecting the innocent. By day, you change the world as a mild mannered business owner, supporting your local convention.


Donor Who? ($100 donation)

You’ve traveled through time and space to be a part of HerdCon, now leave your mark too!


Shiny! ($50 donation)

What’s the fun of being a hero if you don’t get a little something in return?


The Shapeshifter (Variable Named Donation)

They may seem like an ordinary person, but beneath the surface lies a hidden power. They change at will, using their gift to help them overcome obstacles and help those around them.


Mysterious Stranger (Variable Anonymous Donation)

They show up out of nowhere, a dark figure that appears suddenly to help save the day, before just as mysteriously disappearing into the shadows.Donors choosing this category may choose their donation amount and can keep their identities secret. These heroes give as they can and don’t ask for recognition, just the promise to pass on the goodwill to the next person we find in need.


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