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The Herdcon Popcast


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Special thanks to Dr. Ben Eng and Paige Leonard of the Marshall University College of Business iCenter for all their help getting us started and acquainted with the iCenter Studio.

And special thanks to all of our guests!

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Episode 10: Drag Kings with Richard Long and Aero Space Smith

In today’s episode we interviewed local drag kings, Richard Long and Aero Space Smith about how they got started in drag, neurodiversity, drag culture and acceptance in our local community, and the lower visibility of drag kings in the drag community. We also touch on our upcoming Song Along event for HerdCon 2023. Enjoy!

Got The Beat:

Richard Long: &

Aero Space Smith:

HerdCon Song Along:

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Episode 9: Lego Mania With Anna Hughes, New Health Science Librarian At Marshall University School Of Medicine

In episode 9 we met up with the new librarian for the Marshall University Health Sciences Library located at Cabell Huntington Hospital and Marshall Un. School of Medicine, Anna Hughes. Aside from her work as a librarian, Anna is also an avid fan of Legos and has a collection of pieces on display at her office in the Health Sciences Library.  So join us as we get to know our newest librarian, and we nerd out over Legos, research and cookies.

You can also check out close ups of the Lego set Anna brought in for this video on our website, or on our social media.

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Episode 8: MU Libraries Spring 2023 Art Exhibition with Librarian Sabrina Thomas

In episode 8 we interview Sabrina Thomas of the Marshall University Libraries about the spring art exhibition in Drinko Library, Optimism in Appalachia.  This exhibition is open to all… students, faculty, staff, community members, and is done in partnership with the Marshall University School of Art and Design.  There is no submission fee, and artists must agree to leave the artwork on exhibit for the duration of the show which ends May 5th, 2023.  You can view and download the prospectus for this exhibit at the link below.

Submissions must be dropped off at the Drinko Library on the main Marshall University campus on December 8th & 9th between the hours of 8:30am-5pm.

We will have an opening reception on Feb. 2nd at 4pm that will be open to everyone.

If you have questions, please contact Sabrina Thomas at

Later in the episode we get into Thanksgiving cooking, videogames, Star Trek, pets and more.

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Episode 7: Cherry Blossom Cosplay interview with Alexis Belt & Aurora Porter

One today’s episode we interviewed Alexis Belt and Aurora Porter, the president and vice president of the Marshall University Cherry Blossom Cosplay Club. Join us as we discuss the club, upcoming plans for HerdCon, fandoms and pop culture in general.

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Episode 6: Associate Professor Hillary Brewster discussing The Hunger Games

On this episode of the HerdCon PopCast, we met with Associate Professor Hillary Brewster of the Marshall University English Department to talk about Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games books, as well as the film adaptations. We also touch a bit on topics of horror in film and literature later in the episode.

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Episode 5: Deacon Stone (Huntington WV RCBI) and Skyler Clagg (AmeriCorps Vista RCBI / Katherine Johnson NASA IV&V Education Resource Center)

In today’s episode, we are meeting with Deacon Stone of the Huntington WV RCBI (Robert C. Byrd Institute) and Skyler Clagg AmeriCorps Vista to RCBI and the Katherine Johnson NASA IV&V Education Resource Center. We will be discussing the upcoming Makers Festival being held by RCBI on the Marshall University Huntington Campus on Nov. 4th 2022, the Makers Vault here at the Huntington RCBI, and the NASA IV&V robotics programs here in WV and how you can get involved.

You can find the websites and videos discussed and viewed in this episode at:

And you can contact our guests at:

Deacon Stone
Office: 304-781-1659
Cell: 304-690-1197
Fax: 304-781-1623

Skyler Clagg
Cell: 681-203-6939

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Episode 4: Corey Clark of Blue Falcon Board Gaming

In this episode, we interviewed Marine Corp Veteran Corey Clark about his organization, Blue Falcon Board Gaming which aims to make board gaming accessible to more people in the community by hosting game nights throughout the region. Corey’s group also promotes the use of board gaming for mental wellness and their page includes information on mental health resources.

You can learn more about Blue Falcon Board Gaming on their website,
or check out their Facebook page for the latest board gaming interviews with Corey.

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Episode 3: Gilmore Girls with Marshall University Alum Hallie Knipp

Host Heather Lauer, with guest host Meghan Sexton-Harness, and guest Hallie Knipp (Marshall University Alum) are discussing the Gilmore Girl series.

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Episode 2: Her Hope Haven, a discussion with Prof. Tijah Bumgarner and actress Lauren Ould

For this episode we interviewed Professor Tijah Bumgarner from Marshall University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Coordinator of the Video Production Program in the College of Fine Arts and Media, along with actress Lauren Ould about their work on the pilot episode for Her Hope Haven, a comedy drama about women in recovery here in Appalachia.

You can view the trailer of Her Hope Haven on their website, From their site you can also contact them about arranging for screenings, and learn more about the cast and crew, as well as future plans for the pilot and possible series.

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Episode 1: Dr. Ben Eng (Marshall University College of Business)

This episode we met with Dr. Ben Eng of the Marshall University College of Business in Huntington, WV.

Ben is a professor of marketing and has helped lead the way in developing the new iCenter Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation.

We will be discussing Ben’s work with the iCenter, particularly with their Content Creation Studio, podcasting and pop culture in the realm of business, as well as our personal theories on Season 4 of Stranger Things and Star Wars fan theories we’ve had in the past.

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