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On-Air Promotions and Giveaway Policy

Each announcer is encouraged to bring promotional ideas and suggestions for giveaway items to the Promotions Director for discussion and approval. A good promotional idea is worth its weight in gold. Do not presume your idea has been tried and found wanting. Let the director know your ideas.

For any station promotion or giveaway, the following rules must be observed:

“Ways to win” must be disclosed clearly, such as “the third caller” or “the first caller who can answer. . .”

Winners must be told how, when, and where to claim prizes.

Instructions will be made available to the announcers concerning individual contests.

These rules must be followed exactly. Often, the production department will prepare a special announcement for you to play.

FCC Rules Regarding On-Air Contests

The FCC has very strict but simple regulations about promotions. The FCC amended its contest rules to permit posting rules on the Internet. The amended rules went into effect February 12, 2016.

  1. The material terms of the contest must be fully and accurately disclosed. Such disclosure may be over the air or via a publicly available post on the station’s website.
    FCC Rule 73.1216, Note 1b states: “Although the material terms may vary widely depending upon the exact nature of the contest, they will generally include: how to enter or participate; eligibility restrictions; entry deadline dates; whether prizes can be won; when prizes can be won; the extent, nature and value of prizes; basis for valuation of prizes; time and means of selection of winners; and/or tie-breaking procedures.”
  2. The contest shall be conducted substantially as announced.
  3. No contest description shall be false, misleading, or deceptive with respect to any material term.
  4. If disclosure of contest rules is via on-air announcement, disclosures must be made periodically. Rule disclosures may air separately from announcements promoting the contest itself.
  5. If disclosure of contest rules is via internet post, the following rules apply.
    • Establish a conspicuous link to material contest terms on the home page.
    • Make clear, periodic, announcements that the contest rules are available on the website. Give the address of the website as part of the announcement.
    • Keep the rules posted for thirty (30) days after the contest has concluded.
    • Any rule changes must be disclosed on-air within twenty-four (24) hours, and periodically thereafter. It is sufficient for the announcements to say that the rules have changed and direct the public to the website.
    • Rules disclosed on-air and on the Internet must be substantially consistent.


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