Meet the Staff

Photograph of Dr. Bailey, Faculty Manager

Dr. Charles G. “Chuck” Bailey

Faculty Manager

The faculty manager in the Marshall University professor who bears the final responsibility and authority for all aspects of the station’s operation.

Photograph of Makaylah Wheeler, Executive Director

Makaylah Wheeler

Executive Director
News Director


The executive director is the chief student official of WMUL-FM. The executive director’s responsibility is to oversee all operations of the radio station, coordinate staff activities, schedule meetings with staff, and work with department heads in achieving departmental goals.

The news director is in charge of all news broadcast over WMUL-FM. This director assigns anchors, weather anchors, reporters, and producers for the 5 P.M. Edition of Newscenter 88.

Photograph of Michael Stanley, Operations Manager

Mike Stanley

Operations Manager

The operations manager is the full-time university staff member in charge of installing and maintaining the audio equipment and computers at the station.

Photograph of Andrew Rogers

Andrew Rogers

Contest Coordinator


The Contest Coordinator is responsible for entering the station’s work in various production contests.

Photograph of Dave Adkins, Continuity Director

Dave Adkins

Continuity Director


The continuity director is in charge of all live-copy PSAs and promos that air.

Photograph of Tyler Kennett

Tyler Kennett

Music Director


The music director is the executive producer for all music formats. This directory works with promoters to acquire new music for all of the station’s formats. The music director is the final authority over the DJ staff.

Photograph of Zane Bowles, Production Director and Program Coordinator

Zane Bowles

Production Director
Program Coordinator


The production director is responsible for recording features, station and individual show imaging, PSAs, and promos (both full length and “donut” type). This director insures a professional sound on all pre-recorded productions.

The program coordinator is in charge of the specialized programming at WMUL-FM. All pre-recorded programs, both in-house and syndicated, are under the authority of this director.

Photograph of Nick Verzolini, Sports Director

Nick Verzolini

Sports Director


The sports director is responsible for all of the sports programming on WMUL-FM. This director assigns announcers for all game broadcasts, programs, and the FM-88 Sports Report during the 5 P.M. Edition of Newscenter 88.

Photograph of Nick Matawa, Traffic Director

Nick Matawa

Traffic Director


The traffic director prepares the electronic music schedule and printed logs prior to each broadcast day. This director will review the logs after each day and make certain that errors are corrected promptly.

Photograph of Justin Zimmer

Justin Zimmer

Training Coordinator


The primary function of the training coordinator is to ensure that new staff members have been adequately trained in the operation of all control room equipment so that they are able to carry out their assigned board shifts.

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Digital Media Librarian


The Digital Media Librarian works with the Music Director and Production Director to maintain WMUL-FM’s digital media library.

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Online Director


The online director is responsible for the upkeep of this website.

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Promotions Director


The promotions director is in charge of all promotion and public relations for the station. This director plans events such as the Homecoming Car Bash in the fall semester and Hair From The Herd in the spring semester.

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Social Media Coordinator


The social media coordinator is responsible for promoting the station on various online social media networks.

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