Meet the Staff

Dr. Charles G. “Chuck” Bailey

Faculty Manager

The faculty manager of WMUL is a Marshall University professor who bears all the final responsibility and authority for all aspects of the station’s operation. 

Makaylah Wheeler

Station Manager
Contest Coordinator
Promotions Director

The station manager is the chief student official of WMUL-FM. The manager’s responsibility is to oversee all operations of the radio station, coordinate staff activities, develop program ideas, formulate program policies, schedule meetings with staff, assist in development of formats, and work with department heads in achieving departmental goals.

The contest coordinator is responsible for entering the station’s work in various production contests. The contest coordinator will review available contests and categories, will consult with other directors and staff to identify outstanding productions, and will consult with the Faculty Manager/faculty manager (again, pick a format) to determine which of WMUL-FM’s productions should be entered into each contest and category. The contest coordinator is responsible for ensuring the decided upon entries are submitted, statuettes and certificates for winning entries are ordered, and that media releases are written. 

The promotions director is in charge of all promotion and public relations for the station(internal and external). These promotions include newspaper ads, trade-outs, on-campus posters, pamphlets, tabling, event planning, fundraising and recruitment campaigns, and media releases. On-air promotional ideas (not generation, but ideas) and internal back-patting are other duties assigned to this person. The promotions director also handles the production of “on-air” parties and promotional remote broadcasts. The promotions director is also expected to conduct tours of the station’s facilities for interested groups. Personal experiences or class work in public relations would be a plus for a promotions director. 

Mike Stanley

Operations Manager

The operations manager is the full-time university staff member in charge of installing and maintaining the audio equipment and computers at the station.

Luke Hamilton

News Director

The news director is in charge of all news broadcast over WMUL-FM. This director’s responsibilities include insuring that full-length newscasts are aired Monday through Friday. The number and time(s) of each of these newscasts is proposed each semester by the news director and approved by the board of directors. This office will schedule all news personnel into slots compatible with class schedules. This director will develop an orientation program for JMC 340 (Basic Broadcast News) and JMC 231 (Intro to Audio Production) classes. Managing the Associated Press NewsDesk System, maintenance of the computer and printer, cataloging of news scripts and materials, maintenance of Scopes, and the editing of news copy are duties of this office. The news director may appoint an assignment editor and an assistant news director with the Faculty Manager’s approval. This director is also responsible for administering the inventory of portable Electronic News Gathering (ENG) equipment and training news personnel in the operation of such equipment. 

Dave Adkins

Continuity Director

The continuity director is in charge of all live-copy PSAs and promos that air, including content and scheduling. This director will contact various offices and organizations on campus to assist in promotion of school-related events. PSA information sent to the station by outside organizations will be made suitable for airing by this director. This director will work with the promotions, news, sports and music directors to ensure that WMUL-FM broadcasts adequate promotions for all programming. The continuity director assists in critiquing the on-air performance of staff announcers (these reports often are handed down from the faculty and station mangers) if the critique requires more clarification or help, the continuity director is responsible for scheduling time for the staff announcer and station manager to meet. The goal of the critiques is the improvement of all continuity aired on WMUL-FM. Possessing and using broadcast continuity writing skills is essential for this position. The continuity Director needs to meet weekly with the station manager.  

Abigail Cunningham

Music Director

The music director is the executive producer for all music formats, radio, and television.  Responsibilities include supplying each music format producer with ample music selections and maintaining accurate records of all acquisitions for the music library. Records should include both current and stored music.  Soliciting records, CDs, and downloads from national publishers, acquiring trade-off agreements from local distributors, and administering music purchases within the department are also duties of the music director. The music director will work with the format producers to ensure that music obtained by the station is ingested into the computer playback system library in a timely manner. The music director will meet with music producers bi-monthly (via email or phone call) to determine and prevent potential problems. 

Nate Harrah

Production Director

The production director is in charge of scheduling all studios for production and spearheading content generation. Duties include recording features, station and individual show imaging, PSAs, and promos (both full length and “donut” type). This director has the responsibility of insuring a professional sound on all pre-recorded productions. This person will maintain a production library and will assist with basic/routine maintenance. An assistant may be appointed with the faculty manager’s approval. 

Ben Cower

Sports Director

The sports director is responsible for all sports announcers, sportscasters, and their programs. This director’s responsibilities include producing a sportscast during each full-length newscast under the direction of the news director, coverage of all Marshall University sports activities, broadcasts of intercollegiate competitions, production of “Sportsview” (WMUL-FM’s premier sports interview program), and distribution of sports broadcasting equipment to the staff covering intercollegiate competitions. Editors and assistants may be appointed with the station manager’s approval. This director is responsible for the care of all equipment specifically assigned to the sports department and is expected to work in tandem with news, digital media, and continuity for content creation and communications. The sports director oversees communication on Microsoft Teams and spearheads general public communication on Discord. The sports director should post a weekly schedule for sports coverage, social media post (I’m assuming), programming, and content creation. They will also assign an individual to each role. This schedule should be printed weekly and given to the station manager, faculty manager, continuity director, and digital media director. All schedule changes after publication should be posted in the BOD group chat at the beginning of each week. 

Ben Anderson

Training Coordinator

The training coordinator is responsible for training new staff members and updating the training of the veteran staff members (when notified of updates or changes, they must contact all veteran staff to inform them of said updates or changes).The primary function of the training coordinator is to ensure that new staff members have been adequately trained in the operation of all control room equipment, so that they are able to carry out their assigned board shifts. Once the new staff is trained, the training coordinator should then concentrate on updating the training of the veteran staff members with a goal of maintaining professional skill levels. The training coordinator should conduct training sessions for news, sports, and promotions department staff in the operation of operate remote broadcast equipment and should coordinate with the appropriate directors to schedule those sessions. The training coordinator is often setting the tone of the station, and therefore is constantly representing the station goals and mission via proper decorum and delivery.   

Sammi Riddle

Digital Media Team- Social Media Director

The Social Media Director for WMUL-FM will be responsible for the promotion of the station on various online social media networks. They work in tandem with the Digital Media Director. This director will maintain the post schedule of WMUL-FM’s social media pages. Duties include: posting content that promotes sporting/music/station events, linking followers to station news stories posted online, helping with graphic creation, coordinating interaction between listeners and on-air talent, managing social media contests and campaigns in partnership with the Promotions Director, and more. This coordinator will determine if WMUL-FM branches out into other forms of social media and when things get posted. This coordinator is responsible for communicating with other directors to best represent WMUL-FM on social media in conjunction with WMUL-FM’s on-air and website presence. The social media coordinator will also maintain the administration of these accounts including keeping records of userpasses in a secure manner. This director serves on the Digital Media Team. 

Emma Johnson

Digital Media Team- News Assignment Editor

The News Assignment Editor reports to the news director and can fill in as news director when needed. This director handles the package assignments, editing and clearing, and is also responsible for administering the inventory of portable Electronic News Gathering (ENG) equipment and training news personnel in the operation of such equipment. This director also trains news personnel for proper reporting, news delivery, and updates/maintains the Soundcloud page. 

John Boggess

Digital Media Team- Online Director

The online director is responsible for WMUL-FM’s web presence. This director’s responsibilities include but are not limited to: maintaining website design for a user-friendly experience and keeping content current for all visitors of and The online director should use creative thinking and problem-solving skills to implement innovative strategies to inform visitors of WMUL-FM’s web pages of all facets of the campus radio station, especially its news, public affairs, and sports programming. The online director will collaborate with all departments within WMUL-FM to stay abreast of programming and events to post to the website.  The online director serves on the Digital Media Team. The online director helps WMUL-FM webcast to keep music legal by ensuring that the required song metadata is displayed on WMUL-FM’s website. Developing a working relationship with the University’s Department of Computing Services and the University’s Internet Designer is crucial to successfully accomplishing the duties this position requires. Lack of communication with the aforementioned entities may cause WMUL-FM not to be able to stream some programming due to scheduling conflicts with other campus departments or activities.

Nate Courtney

Traffic Director

The traffic director is in charge of assembling the program and operations log packets in advance of each broadcast day. This director is responsible for reviewing the logs for errors after the logs are used and notifying the violators. The traffic director is also responsible for making certain that these corrections are made within the specified time limit of two weeks. The traffic director is responsible for “taking attendance” by comparing the completed logs and the skimmer against the DJ schedule and reporting this information to the board of directors. This director will also assist in the maintenance of the public file. As many FCC regulations intersect with this department, the Traffic Director should be familiar with the pertinent regulations. 

Jamie Mathis

Digital Media Librarian

The Digital Media Librarian will work with the Music Director and Production Director to maintain the computer playback system’s music and imaging library. The Digital Media Librarian regularly updates the music scheduling software’s library to reflect changes in the computer playback system’s library. This director’s primary responsibility is assisting the Music Director with the ongoing maintenance of the music library: by checking the accuracy and uniformity of artist and title information input by the ingestion clerks, by ingesting new music, and by adjusting the categorization of music . The Digital Media Librarian works with the production director to make certain that expired promos, PSAs, and imaging are removed from the computer playback system’s library. The Digital Media Librarian should offer suggestions if the individual believes new categories are needed within the computer playback system. 


Peyton Cisco

Program Coordinator

The program coordinator is in charge of administering the specialized programming of WMUL-FM. All pre-recorded programs, both in-house and syndicated, are handled by this director. This officer will maintain the ordering, scheduling, and distribution of programs. The Program Coordinator will be considered the executive producer of local features. This director will assist in developing them to acceptable levels of professionalism with the help of the station manager. The program coordinator works with the faculty manager and the graduate student station manager in preparing the Quarterly Issues and Programs List for the WMUL-FM public file. 


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