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by Johnathan Edwards   Arrival and Setup If there was ever a festival that could bring together so many heavy hitters in the current discourse of Appalachian music, better yet on the inaugural gathering, it would be Whizzbanger’s Ball. Taking place on June 14th and 15th, 2024, the Summit Bechtel Reserve was home to 15

by Emma Gallus, Online Director and Johnathan Edwards   Huntington-based WhizzbangBAM! (Booking and Management) is introducing its newest festival joining likes of The Huntington Music and Arts Fest and the annual Healing Appalachia concert. The Whizzbanger’s Ball is a two day festival lodged in the mountains of Glen Jean, where Johnathan and I will be

Jonathan ‘Birdlegs’ Rickman- Diamond Duck Blues (Theme Song) Chris Sutton- Ballad of John Hardy Chris Sutton- Stop Playing That Thing Michael Lyzenga- Kick Me When I’m Down Michael Lyzenga- Mud River Blues Karen Combs aka 5$RED- Kings Hollow Jim Rumbaugh- Balling The Jack Creek Don’t Rise- Mobile Blues Creek Don’t Rise Sometimes It Rains The

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HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA – In celebration of all things college radio and local music, in partnership with The V Club, I put together an eclectic bill of local music to represent the wide array of genres heard on WMUL. From a pop punk band, to a very retro sounding British invasion-esque four piece, to a

Walking around the ground of the 2015 Huntington Music and Arts Festival, a certain feeling was evident in the air, being felt by musicians, vendors, and attendees alike: what we’ve got here is something special.

by Autumn Vallandingham, Photographer and Social Media Coordinator   This past Labor Day weekend, Kelsie Tyson (Digital Music Librarian and Photographer) and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio to attend the second annual Fashion Meets Music Festival held in the downtown Arena District. Being the second year of the festival, we weren’t for sure what to

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September 16, 2015 · Music Posts

by Autumn Vallandingham, WMUL Photographer and Social Media Coordinator   Over the past few months, WMUL has given Kelsie Tyson and I some of the best opportunities. We were both able to attend Bunbury Festival and I was able to attend FloydFest.   Starting with Bunbury, located in Cincinnati, Ohio on the riverfront, headliners included

On Friday Oct. 2nd WMUL will go bigger, and better with it’s College Radio Day celebration by hosting a night of local music at Huntington’s V Club. The theme of the international event is “Your Authentic Guide To The Next Generation Of Music,” and will feature performances by Charleston’s Qiet (who have previously been on a College Radio Day CD compilation), Huntington’s Of The Dell, and Charleston’s Letters, in an eclectic night of music to represent the diverse West Virginia scene.