Huntington Music and Arts Festival 2015

Walking around the ground of the 2015 Huntington Music and Arts Festival, a certain feeling was evident in the air, being felt by musicians, vendors, and attendees alike: what we’ve got here is something special. Whether it be the Americana sound of Tyler Childers and The Horse Traders, or the garage rock vibes sent by Rozwell Kid, Goodwolf, Bishops and J. Marinelli, the music in West Virginia is a force that will, on a day closer than we think, be reckoned with

Personal highlights include: Singing along with Tyler Childers as a light shower was moving through the city, going nuts with Tyler Grady from Goodwolf while watching Rozwell Kid. Getting to hang out with the local musicians and interview them. Seeing Ona.

I can’t drum up any dislikes of the festival. Even the rain helped made those moments just a bit more special. Tucker Riggleman from Bishops describes HMAF as a “West Virginia music family reunion,” and even as a first time attendee, I felt welcomed in and one of the group.

Check out a gallery of photos from the event here.