All panels are in Room 2W22 (Capacity 75) in the Memorial Student Center (MSC).

What are Panels?

For those who may be new to convention lingo, panels are generally discussion-based events that have a group made up of one or more participants that present on a prepared topic. These topics can span the entire realm of popular culture and may, or may not, include a moderator and/or audience participation. These panels can be academic in nature or may include live interactive activities such as “quick draw” drawing requests or author readings and other moderated discussions.

Banned Books & Banned Books Week

MSC 2W22 (2nd Floor)
Join Marshall University Librarian Ron Titus for a discussion of Banned Books and why Banned Books Week is important to bringing banned and challenged books to the forefront.

The Absurdity of Death Stranding: Camus, Nihilism, and Sam Porter Bridges

MSC 2W22 (2nd Floor)
Death Stranding is an absurd video game. It is the story of a deliveryman with a baby strapped to his chest in a supernatural apocalypse, where every living thing is fated to be consumed by the tides of time. In a world like that—arguably, a world like our own—why begin on any journey at all? Why struggle? Why persist?

Death Stranding is also an Absurd video game. Its protagonist’s struggle embodies the Absurd reasoning of 20th Century French philosopher Albert Camus and serves as a direct rebuke to the hollow conclusions offered by the game’s primary antagonist.

Join us to discuss how the game presents Absurdism as a possible solution to the problem of nihilism. We’ll have the opportunity to discuss how this game grapples with other philosophical issues and how other games take on questions like these.

What The heck is THE DOOM PATROL?

MSC 2W22 (2nd Floor)
First published in June of 1963, THE DOOM PATROL has been through many changes of characters, plotlines, and creators, but these DC comic book characters have always remained true to the label that they earned from their first editor who described them as, “The World’s Strangest Heroes.” Now found in an ongoing and critically acclaimed live-action television series, as well as cartoon appearances and an off-again-on-again comic book run, THE DOOM PATROL has somehow gone from a little known, oddball superhero team in comic books to a television show in its third season that The New York Times considers “recommended watching.”

This presentation will explore the early roots of THE DOOM PATROL, their recent rise in popularity, and explore how these characters and their villains have changed over the decades by the many creators who left their mark on the characters.

Mandalorian and Star Wars Costuming

MSC 2W22 (2nd Floor)
Do you love Star Wars? Mandalorians? Cosplay? The Mandalorian Mercs are a Star Wars costume club dedicated to building movie-quality costumes, fellowship and charity work. We will discuss building your own Mandalorian armor, general cosplay tips and using your love of Star Wars to work for the community.