Panel Submissions are now open until Jan. 27th, and participants will get confirmations in Early February.

What are Panels?

For those who may be new to convention lingo, panels are generally discussion-based events that have a group made up of one or more participants that present on a prepared topic. These topics can span the entire realm of popular culture and may, or may not, include a moderator and/or audience participation. These panels can be academic in nature or may include live interactive activities such as “quick draw” drawing requests or author readings and other moderated discussions.


Marshall University’s HerdCon will be held March 25th, 2023. Our committee is looking for creative and original programming to feature in our panels. Any submitted panel is tentative until officially approved, and you will be notified via email regarding your proposal. We are excited to review any and all panel submissions but can not guarantee programming.

If questions arise as your complete the form please contact Dr. April Fugett (



Panels are typically 50 minutes long, scheduled in a 60 minute time slot.

There is no charge associated with hosting a panel.

All panels should be suitable for an all-ages audience.

Panels that have been chosen will be contacted via email. Adjust your spam folder accordingly. Failure to meet deadlines because of a missed email are not the responsibility of the programming committee.

It is YOUR responsibility to meet all deadlines set-forth by the programming committee. Where not otherwise specified, you will have a maximum of seven calendar days in which to respond to any correspondence or requests by the programming committee. If you do not respond in a timely manner or meet deadlines, it will be assumed that you wish to withdraw your panel and panel request.

Submission of a Panel Request Form does not guarantee programming participation.

If accepted, panel times are chosen based on availability. Specific timeslots CANNOT be guaranteed and may need to be adjusted.

All panels may be recorded, pre-recorded, or live-broadcast unless requested otherwise in advance.

These are panels and NOT games or other demonstrations.