The Society of Black Scholars

Society of Black ScholarsThe Society of Black Scholars, established in the fall of 2003, is a highly select honors program for African and African American students, celebrating a rich tradition of success. The program has a progressive focus on high academic performance, character development, integrity, professional leadership and service learning. Among the high graduation rate of former members, we now recognize practicing physicians, lawyers, MBA’s, advanced STEM degree grads, and numerous other master’s degrees.

The governing spirit of the Marshall University Society of Black Scholars is to help students strive toward success, both academically and in character. The Society is only intended for students who aspire to the acquisition of critical behaviors, attributes, and practices necessary for strong academic performance, preparation for professional leadership, maturity, and service to others in a global society. This organization employs a progressive and personalized advising methodology that requires compliance and commitment on behalf of all members. Society members have enormous pride and can easily celebrate a history of great success by its former graduates. We stand for success!


Membership consideration requires a formal application and one Letter of Recommendation from a university administrator or faculty member. Membership application requires a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA in a credible course of study, full-time student status and in good standing with the university. Membership renewal is based upon maintaining 3.0 cumulative GPA, and verification of attending required events, meetings, and other functions and activities as planned each semester.


Formal consideration/interviews for admission to the Society occur once during the fall and spring of each academic year. Following the submission of the required documents, each student will be considered for Finalist Interviews if he/she meets the basic requirements. Interviews are fairly intensive and will in part be conducted by members of the Society of Black Scholars Advisory Council, making final recommendations to Director.

Experiences & Programs

Society members are required to attend monthly business meetings (6 on average each academic year). Essentially, this time is utilized to promote/discuss the different dimensions of academic success, service learning projects, hear presentations from other scholars, and plan upcoming events. Semester events may include attending special lectures, art and cultural performances, participating in educational travel outings, attending the Annual Provost and Deans Reception for the Society, and participating in various other growth and development experiences. All students will receive personal and academic advising from the Director and assistance may be requested at any time, for any matter.

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Intercultural Affairs & Student Affairs
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