Spanish Major Requirements Placement Tests and
Language Waivers

Students who have had 1-2 years of language in high school should register for 101 or 112 (offered by French and Spanish).  The latter is a review course that gives the student six hours of credit upon successful completion.

Students who have had three or more years of a language in high school should take a placement test to see where in the elementary/intermediate (101-204) sequence they should begin their language.

Native and heritage speakers must take a placement test before they register for 101-204 in any language.

For French, contact Dr. Nicholas Shangler (

For German, contact Professor Anke Duerr McKown (

For Japanese, contact Dr. Zeli Rivas (

Due to large numbers, Spanish placement exams are offered twice during the semester, on the first day of class and during regular registration for the next semester.  Contact Dr. Jose Luis Morillo ( or Ms. Tracie Wheeler ( to register for the exam.

Please note that students cannot take a placement examination after they have started a language at Marshall or any other university.   Students also should not take the placement test until they are ready to start a language.  Students are encouraged to start language as soon as possible after high school if they intend to remain in the same language they took in high school.

Students who successfully place into a course above 101 can receive up to nine hours back credit for the courses they have placed out of provided that they take and pass with a grade of C or better the next course in the sequence.  Back credit is awarded only in the semester in which the student takes the next course.

Students who are native speakers of languages other than those taught by the department can receive a foreign language waiver provided that they can demonstrate speaking, listening, reading and composition skills in that language.  Students must identify a faculty member on campus, who can aid with the assessment of their skills.  The chair of Modern Languages will arrange the testing of the student and the  notification of the appropriate individuals.  To request a foreign language waiver, please contact Dr. Natsuki Anderson (

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