Dialect Services

What can I expect?

During an individual’s first visit to the dialect/accent modification clinic, a speech-language clinician will perform an extensive evaluation of the client’s speech, language, and overall communication skills. This evaluation will be conducted under the supervision of a certified speech-language pathologist. Clients for this clinic can expect to spend around one to two hours at the Marshall Speech and Hearing Center (MUSHC) during their first visit. Recommendations may include individualized or small group visits one or two times a week for forty-five to sixty-minute sessions.

When and Where can I receive services?

The Marshall University Dialect/Accent modification clinic takes place at MUSHC which is located in Smith Hall on Marshall University’s campus. Appointments are available based on provider schedules.

Additional Information

After the initial evaluation and recommendations, clients will attend therapy sessions to address speech and sound differences, rate, intonation, and/or stress as well as various language differences related to vocabulary and/or grammar. Clients will receive updates and feedback during these follow-up sessions as well as strategies to enhance their English pronunciation and use of English outside of the therapy setting.


The Dialect/Accent Modification Clinic is an elective service. Therefore, the clinician will not bill insurance for services rendered during this clinic. The client will opt for private pay at a cost of $100 for the initial evaluation and $37.50 for each follow-up visit.

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