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We Are… Bridging Medicine and Science – Fall 2015 (magazine)





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Water Research Fact SheetWater Research at Marshall University (fact sheet)





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We Are… Bridging Medicine and Science – Fall 2013 (magazine)





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West Virginia Research Trust Fund:  Supporting Research at Marshall University (brochure)

The Neuron

 Fall 2020 – Dr. Philippe Georgel

 Summer 2017 – Dr. Eric Blough

neuron-summer-2016_cover-only Summer 2016 – Dr. Nadja Spitzer

Harrison thumbnail  Fall 2014 – Dr. Marcia Harrison

Neuron Cover Winter 2014  Winter 2014 – Dr. Andrew Nichols 

Neuron Winter 2013 cover Bin Wang  Winter 2013 – Dr. Bing Wang

  Spring 2012 – Dr. Michael Norton

  Spring 2011 – Dr. Brian Antonsen

  Fall 2010 – Dr. Tina Cartwright

  Spring 2010 – Dr. Tony Szwilski

Marshall Magazine

Autumn 2013 issue – The Fourth “R”:  Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic and RESEARCH

Summer 2013 issue – Shedding New Light on Lung Cancer (Dr. Piyali Dasgupta)

Spring 2012 issue – Crime Scene Science:  Marshall’s Renowned Forensic Science Center

Winter 2012 issue – High Technology (Cyberinfrastructure)

Spring 2011 issue – Exploring the Unknown (Dr. Joan Wilson)

Autumn 2010 issue – Marshall Paleontologist Discovers New Species (Dr. Robin O’Keefe)

Autumn 2009 issue – Science Synergy (Dr. Eric Kmiec and MIIR)