Proposal Submission Requirements

Any grant or contract resulting from your proposal will be awarded to the Marshall University Research Corporation, with you as the director of the project.

The vice president for research/Marshall University Research Corporation executive director is the only person legally empowered to enter the research corporation into a contract or agreement on behalf of the university.

The Marshall University Research Corporation will submit your proposal to the funding agency on your behalf.

Before your final proposal can be submitted to a funding agency, all university requirements must be satisfied, including approvals for any commitments the university must make to receive the grant or contract.

The vehicle for obtaining these necessary approvals is the Authorization to Submit Form. This form ensures university approval of resources for the proposed project, certifying that commitments of cash, facilities, equipment and personnel have been examined for appropriateness and that the university has the ability to meet these commitments.

You are responsible for routing the Authorization to Submit form through (and obtaining signatures from):

Yourself (as Principal Investigator)
Co-principal investigators (if any)
Department chair(s)
Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (not required for contacts/agreements)

You will need to give your department chairman and dean adequate time to review the proposal, budget and budget narrative; to approve the university commitments; and to sign the form. Plan to deliver the form and supporting documents to the department chairman well in advance of the funding agency’s submission deadline.

Once you have obtained all the above approvals, the Grant/Contract Development Office requires five working days to process the proposal. They will route the proposal through the Marshall University Research Corporation for final approval and sign-off.

For more information and a step-by-step process for proposals, consult the Quick Start Guide. You may also contact a staff member in the Grant/Contract Development Office for assistance.