File a Report – Through this link, you can file a report regarding a student conduct issue, a Title IX issue, a Behavioral Intervention Team report, a residence life or housing issue, or any other type of issue. Your report will be routed to the correct office once it is filed.

File A Statutory Grievance – This link is for faculty or staff grievances. A grievance is a claim filed by a state employee through the West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Board alleging a violation, misapplication or misinterpretation of the statutes, policies or rules applicable to the employee by their employer, including (but not limited to) issues regarding compensation, hours, terms and conditions of employment, discrimination, harassment, favoritism, and/or health and safety. [WV Code 6C-2]

File a Title IX Report – A Title IX report is a report relating to alleged violations of the Title IX Policy, which includes discrimination based on sex or gender, as well as sexual harassment, misconduct, stalking and retaliation.

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The Office of the Ombuds is not authorized to accept notice of allegations of violations of law or other formal complaints. No employee or other University constituent may compel the Office of the Ombuds to disclose information. By electing to utilize the voluntary services offered by the Office of the Ombuds, visitors agree to abide by its confidentiality standard of practice and terms of use, including never seeking to compel the Office of the Ombuds to disclose any information received as part of providing ombuds services in any other forum, including a formal grievance or lawsuit.

Confidentiality cannot be promised in matters relating to threats to public safety, child abuse, if there is an imminent risk of serious harm, if the matter is required to be reported pursuant to Title IX regulations, as otherwise may be required by law or if compelled by a court of law.

Speaking with an Ombuds does not constitute legal notice to the University of any problem, concern or complaint. You must pursue alternative complaint avenues if you wish to obligate the University to respond in any way. The Ombuds has no duty or responsibility to report incidents to any person or authority, other than as described above.