Religious Studies

What  Will I Study As A Religious Studies Student?

Religious Studies is the study of different religions as human social constructions in particular historical contexts. The study of religion is, in many ways, the key to the study of the many and varied cultures that make up the complex world in the twenty-first century.

You can take interesting classes like:

  • The World of Islam
  • The Hebrew Prophets
  • Hindu Mysticism
  • Literature of the New Testament
  • Buddhism
  • The Teachings of Jesus
  • Jewish Holocaust
  • Religion in America

What Can I Do With Religious Studies?

Almost anything!

Many of our majors go on to law school, medical school, or pursue a Ph.D. in Religious Studies or a related field. As an undergraduate stand-alone degree it is excellent preparation for any position where dealing with the many cultures of our pluralistic world is involved. About half of our majors are double majors, e.g., psychology and religion, art and religion, etc. A double major is very valuable in setting a student apart and above the rest in competition for graduate admissions.

Religious Studies students get: 

  • Small classes, a close-knit group of fellow students, and faculty who know and care about your individual goals.
  • Intense advising: Students meet with Religious Studies professors once a semester for detailed discussions of major requirements, research interests, and job opportunities.
  • A flexible major that you can mold to your interests: With the aid of the faculty and staff, students can create a major that allows them to study topics not necessarily covered in the normal curriculum.