Shared Governance Report and Timeline (October 2023)

April 2022

  • Ad Hoc Committee created, including representation from faculty, staff, administrators, and students across campus

May-November 2022

  • Subcommittees established to conduct external benchmarking and an internal assessment of the state of shared governance at Marshall
    • External benchmarking sub-committee researched exemplary institutional models and best practices
    • Internal assessment subcommittee used D4D methods, conducted an open town hall, and conducted an online survey to assess stakeholders’ views of shared governance

December 2022

  • This initial work resulted in the following recommendations for Marshall, which were presented to President Smith:
    • Structural/procedural
      • University Senate that includes staff, students, and faculty
      • This would address exclusion of non-academic units (e.g., Honors College) from shared governance
      • University constitution or similar shared governance document
      • Regular review cycle of shared governance university-wide, perhaps through Shared Governance Review Committee
      • Review current initiatives to avoid initiative overload
      • Improve/codify onboarding for committees, including duties and workload/time commitment
      • Additions to shared governance committee: graduate student, online student, adjunct/term faculty
    • Filling gaps
      • Body for managing budgetary decisions
      • Representation for non-classified staff
    • Communication
      • Finalize shared governance chart and launch interactive website enabling action channels
      • Work with communications to develop announcement system for committee/governing body activity, upcoming actions & decisions (including solicitations for input), and shared governance outcomes
      • “Meeting of the families”: regular meetings of heads of all lateral governing bodies (Cabinet, Faculty Senate, Grad Council, SGA, Staff Council, Board of Governors, Academic Affairs)
      • Shared governance guidelines for civil discourse for open discussion forums and governance meetings
    • Incentivize/create buy-in
      • Stakeholders should receive a reply to their contributions to decision-making/follow-up on initiatives
      • Initiatives could be tracked through Shared Governance Review Committee
      • Consider time incentives (including 12-month faculty hires) and monetary incentives for significant participation
      • Shared governance awards/recognitions
      • “Site visits” for different stakeholders to see others in action

January-September 2023

  • These recommendations were prioritized according to urgency and time for completion, and new subcommittees were established to research, plan, and initiate the above recommendations.
  • The following have been completed as of October 2023:
    • “Meeting of the families” has been established with a representative member from each governing body on campus. Meetings are held regularly and emergency meetings may be called by members for urgent matters.
    • Budget Working Group re-instated with representation from faculty Budget and Academic Policy Committee (BAPC)
    • CFO provides regular reports to the BAPC
    • Non-classified Staff Council membership structure has been established, council will convene in January 2024
    • Additional input from stakeholders on current shared governance processes through open town hall and follow-up survey
  • The following are in process and will be completed by December 2023:
    • New interactive shared-governance organizational chart
    • Shared governance “customer service” website to direct stakeholders to correct governing units for their inquiries/issues
    • Regular shared governance review process established, with Shared Governance Review committee to be convened in January 2024
    • Recommendations to incentivize shared governance participation and ensure equitable representation among stakeholders
  • The following are in process and will be completed by May 2024:
    • A university-wide shared governance document that lays out Marshall’s shared governance principles and structures